I am Giacomo, born in 1985, the passion for nature inherited from my parents led me since I was a boy to appreciate open spaces such as the sea and the mountains.
My experiences on boats began at the age of 6 when my skipper father taught me the first marine knots during long sailing crossings without wind, the Alpine ones even earlier because at 3 years old I had skis on my feet and a great hunger for snow, as I grew up I transformed my passions in professions, ski racing in the winter and sailor on yachts in the summer. But the heart is not in charge and after I stopped wandering I met Laura, the woman of my life, in Cernobbio.

Open spaces, nature and adventures have always been my passions, accompanying you during a tour on Lake Como, a transfer or sharing an important moment with you will be a pleasure for me rather than a job.
Kindness and courtesy are the keys that have always carried me forward and that I will use to enjoy my time in your company.


We met Andrea by chance in 2021... his care for boats, his mission to convey the beauty of the lake to our customers, immediately thrilled me .! was born in 1989 in Como, always passionate about sailing and motors, his parents are called the Irriducibili del Lago because with their family boat they have been sailing the lake from shore to shore for 20 years now to appreciate its wonders at all times .
After his studies and some work experience, Andrea enrolled at university and, deepening his passion for chemistry, he graduated with 110. With friends, he often went sailing and with the excuse that he was Captain Baro, he had them do everything!
On board his guests immediately become friends and his work…. a unique experience
awaits you on the boat together with her blonde curls!
Thus began my apprenticeship as a freshwater boatman and now with Alba I can accompany you to admire the beauties that captivated me too the first time I saw them.
Alba, on the other hand, comes from Venice and is 4 years older than me, she also doesn't like being indoors and until this year she has always sailed the salty canals of Venice always accompanying VIPs and entrepreneurs from all over the world, the year However, after seeing it last time it was love at first sight and so I decided to take it to Como with me, smooth out the "wrinkles" of time, sand all its woods and with a little steel enamel let it rest in the sweet waters of the Lake Como.
Come and visit us by choosing one of our boat tours on Lake Como or one of our services.

Since 2018 Alba has been equipped with a new Volvo Penta D4 engine with more power and reliability to give a quality service
Since 2024 we have transformed Alba by enlarging the cabin to give our guests more comfort but maintaining a small part sheltered from the scorching sun and the most delicate people (children and elderly people).
From Alba's experience and work, Antonia was born, a beautiful Venetian taxi launched in 2023. The name Antonia is dedicated to my mother who is still alive and I wanted to thank her for the sacrifices made, educating me to appreciate the true values of life.
Antonia was conceived, designed and built by me, obviously I didn't do everything myself but every little detail was created based on the experience spent on Alba, to give its guests maximum comfort in every situation.
The boat is powered by a very powerful 300hp Volvo Penta D6 engine (the only taxi on the lake), its "singing" is soft and balanced so as not to disturb navigation.
A special boiler has been installed on board which always guarantees heating at 30° even with the engine off.
The classic lines and the mahogany deck give it the charm of Riva boats in the 60s but in case of cold, rain or wind... Everyone is sheltered under the sliding glass roof.
The solid mahogany and glass windshield was also made with a lot of effort but specifically for Antonia's curves.
On board, a coffee machine and minibar satisfy the vices of the most demanding!
To conclude on a high note and for the wildest ones, Antonia, thanks to the stereo system and speaker with amplifier and subwoofer, the music on board will make even the fish dance.