Wonderful boat tour on Lake Como with Giacomo and Alba

We are Giacomo and Alba, the most beautiful couple of the lake! We will take you for a wonderful boat tour on Lake Como

We are a special combination that will change your holiday at the lake into a magical adventure boating on Lake Como.

My name is Giacomo an I am 30 years old. The passion for nature inherited from my parents took me since when I was a a boy to appreciate the open spaces like the sea and mountains.

My experiences on the boats began when I was 6 years old. My father was a skipper and taught me the first marine knots during long sailing trips in windless conditions.
My mountain experiences began even before, because when I was only three years I started to ski and deeply love snow. Growing up, I changed my passion into profession, by performing ski races during the winter and working as a sailor on luxurious yachts during the summer.
But the heart can not control. Then, after stopping wandering I met Laura – the woman of my life – in Cernobbio.

From that moment, I began my apprenticeship as a freshwater boatman. Then, now I can take you together with Alba, my taxi boat to enjoy the beauties which fascinated me the first time I saw them.
Alba was born in Venice and is four years older than me.
Even Alba does not like being indoors; until the last year, she always sailed the brackish canals of Venice, by taking international VIP and entrepreneurs, always running. But a certain day I met her and I loved her at first sight. Then, I decided to take her with me in lake Como, smoothen her “wrinkles” due to the passage of time, sand her wood, and with a final touch of enamel to her steel allow her to rest in the gentle waters of Lake Como.

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If you want to stay with me even during the winter, come to visit me in Madesimo, where I direct a ski school, and have fun together with me!